Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By booking with Sit Happens and providing your credit card details you are agreeing to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.

1. Full payment is made for all group training, private consultations and daycare to confirm your booking. These bookings are non-transferrable.
2. Cancellation and reschedules of group bookings will incur the following fees:
– more than 15 business days (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm) notice will incur banking and administration costs (10% of purchase fee)
– less than 15 business days(Monday to Friday 9am-5pm) notice will incur 75% of your booking fee
– less than 10 business days (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm) notice your booking fee is forfeited
3. Cancellation of private consultation packages with less than 10 business days (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm) notice from the commencement of your program (the first session) your booking fee is forfeited. More than ten business days will incur a 10% fee
4. Rescheduling private consultations require 3 business days notice to avoid the 10% rescheduling fee. Rescheduling must be done via SMS to the trainers mobile number 0477 027 292
5. Private consultations booked in a package will expire and your training fee forfeited if they are not used within the three month period from the commencement date.
6. Any group program enrolment will not be entitled to switch to private consultations once the group booking has been confirmed.
7. As the owner you are responsible to disclose any pertinent information upon booking that may affect your dog’s ability to participate in the booked service. For example, dogs barking and lunging at dogs or people are not suitable for group programs or doggy daycare.
7. Any non-attendance to a group or private consult will result in forfeit of that session. This also includes unforeseen personal situations, events and illness.
8. Any client withdrawing from a course will incur the full cost of the program.  Medical issues and veterinarian requests that require postponement will incur a 50% discount upon rebooking
9. I give permission for Sit Happens employees to take photographs and video footage of myself and my family to be used for promotional purposes including social media unless otherwise discussed with staff.
10. Owners must provide proof of C5 vaccination and renew this annually according to their required puppy/dog vaccination schedule.
11. They must ensure their dog is regularly wormed and treated for fleas, and understand if their dog is found with either, they will be treated immediately on site at the expense of the owner.
10. It is the owners responsibility to ensure enrolment forms are completed prior to commencement where they are required to disclose any information in regards to their dogs health & behaviour, including details such as allergies, injuries, heat sensitivities, phobias, bite history etc. Sit Happens will not take any responsibility for situations arising from misleading or omitted enrolment information. Please note owners are provided access to our database via a link and password upon booking, in order to update any changes in information as they occur.
11. Owners must advise us if their dog has been unwell in the last month and a veterinarian’s certificate will need to be provided to Sit Happens, stating the dog is free to attend and presents no medical risk to other people or dogs.
12. If a dog requires medical treatment while at Sit Happens, every endeavour will be made to make contact with the owner. However if veterinary treatment is needed Sit Happens reserves the right to transfer the dog to our nominated clinic Peninsula Vetcare, Mt Eliza; where any costs incurred are at the expense of the owner.
13. All dogs must be on lead in our carpark
14. The owner acknowledges off lead and group play occurs in our daycare centre. The owner also acknowledges that dogs are supervised and paired with suitable playmates in order to reduce the risk of an issue arising between dogs, although it does not entirely eliminate the risk .The dog owner accepts all liability from any claims arising from any loss, injury or harm their dog receives or inflicts on a person or dog, and will reimburse Sit Happens for all services rendered or sought from third parties as a result of any such incident.
15. No dog is permitted off lead when arriving or leaving daycare and all owners are required to stay outside the play areas and wait for their dog to be brought to them or taken from them. One dog and owner is permitted to approach the daycare entrance gate at a time, please wait at your car until you are asked to approach by a staff member
16. Sit Happens will only release a dog from daycare to the authorised collection person. If this changes during the course of the dogs stay a phone call must be given to notify Sit Happens from the original nominated collection person.
17. Permanent daycare bookings are charged to a credit card one month in advance, the last Monday of the month. If credit card payments decline on initial processing, 3% surcharge will incurred upon reprocessing. Repeat declinement will incur a 6% fee per failed attempt. Sit happens reserves the right to terminate bookings should continued payment issues arise.
18. For permanent daycare clients any extra days daycare and stock purchases will be charged at the end of the month with the next months booking fee.
18. Each permanent daycare booking is entitled to 4 daycare absences at no charge per year. The office needs to be notified of these days prior to monthly charges occurring.
20. Cancellations of permanent daycare bookings require one months notice.
21. Daycare dogs MUST be collected by 6pm sharp. Any late collections will be charged penalty fees every 15minutes until collection.
22. Sit Happens reserves the right to terminate bookings for any reason which may include but not limited to: inappropriate treatment of staff, clients, animals, non-compliance ie, terms and conditions, programs, techniques, homework, prevention and management etc
23. Sit Happens reserves the right to change/update terms and conditions, prices program structures etc without notice