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“Regardless of the service you experience here our aim is to help you create a happy, relaxed pet who brings so much joy to your lives.”

Our services


Group programs are ideal for puppies and dogs as they place your dogs in a safe, calm and controlled environment learning how to think and be attentive to their owner under life’s distractions.

Behaviour therapy

Sit Happens offers Behavioural Therapy for those special needs dogs who suffer from emotional charged issues such as dog aggression, separation anxiety, noises phobias, resource guarding, hyper- activity, over arousal and more.

Assistance & Therapy Dogs

Here in Victoria Assistance dogs are required to sit a Public Access Test with a qualified trainer and must be able to pass a strict set of guidelines to ensure safety and reliability in public places.

Private & in-home training

Sit Happens recognises some of our clients may not fit into our class time slots or may prefer working solo. For this reason we also offer puppy and basic training in a course of private one on one sessions on site at one of our training locations or in you own home.

Specialised services & classes

Sit Happens offers specialised classes and services to help owners create a self-assured and confident dog including The Confidence Building Course, Calming Canine Course and The Happy Handling Course. 

The "Whatever dog" Program

Sit Happens aim is to help owners train a dog who can experience the world and most situations through observation and relaxed interaction, we have termed this

“The Whatever Dog”.