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Assistance and Therapy Dogs

An Assistance Dog

Assistance dogs are trained to an extremely high standard to work with their handler assisting them in navigating their way through highly stressful environments and situations.

Each assistance dog is specifically trained for an individual handler, they are task trained to alleviate their handler’s disability reducing the impact the symptoms and disability has on their life, improving the handler’s overall quality of life. Assistance dogs have full public access rights under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1992. All assistance dogs trained with “Sit Happens” are required to undertake the Public Access Test (PAT) which will allow them access to most public places.

Here at Sit Happens we work with psychological disabilities only and each owner will need a medical certificate certifying the owner’s need for an assistance dog.

Please call the Erin on 0410 474 202 for course details or further information 

The Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs are highly trained to interact and provide support, comfort, and affection to numerous people in various locations within our community. Such locations include hospitals, schools, aged care facilities.  

Therapy dogs, unlike assistance dogs, have no public access rights but permission is required from the facility or organisation the handler wishes to visit.

Should your dog reach a high standard of training with Sit Happens we will conduct an assessment and provide a written report regarding your dog’s capabilities, certificate and bandana to wear on location when working.

Sit Happens is a force & fear free training facility using positive reinforcement and the uniquely refined Sit Happens training techniques our course is broken down into components. The Program may also be adjusted at trainer discretion to suit individual needs.

Component 1: 4 x 1hr onsite weekly Private Training sessions
Component 2:  Confidence Building Course 
Component 3: Basic Training Program 
Component 4: 5 x 1hr Private Training sessions in the work location 

Note: further private sessions may be required prior to sitting the assessment to increase likelihood of success

Initial Assessment: includes assessment, certificate, report and bandana. Assessment is required to be renewed annually

*Assistance & Therapy dogs please note:
Owners need to keep in mind behavioural problems may arise through your dog’s development or unforeseen incidents that cause trauma may disqualify them for Assistance or Therapy work. 

Disqualifying Behaviours that prevent a successful assessment include but not limited to:

  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Over arousal, nuisance barking
  • Growling, barking, flashing teeth, lunging, biting
  • Anti-social behaviour