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Private Consultations & Behavioural Therapy

Typically we book private consultations for the ‘time poor’ and dogs with behavioural issues. These are booked in a course of four sessions; these sessions are conducted at our dog training facility at 220 Bungower Rd Mornington.

Private TrainingWhat is a Behavioural Problem?
A ‘behavioural’ problem refers to an issue with your dog when they are ‘emotional’ (e.g. barking at dogs). Emotional issues are harder to solve as it requires trying to teach your dog not to be worried/anxious/frightened/conflicted/excited/aroused by something they currently are.

Why do Behavioural Problems occur?
When our dog’s behaviour is not socially acceptable it is very natural for owners to ask ‘what did I do to cause this?’ The answer is generally nothing. Genetics, early learning and current environment are the three factors that influence behaviour. It is vital to remember you did not cause this problem.

Private TrainingAny behaviour you allow a dog to practice, they become good at repeating well. This fact is particularly concerning when dealing with emotionally charged behaviours. If we allow dogs to practice getting worried and hence become good at being worried, their behaviour will most likely escalate.

Most problem behaviours we see are due to fear or insecurity. For example, fear of dogs, fear of people, fear of noises, fear of losing high value items, fear of being handled, fear of people entering their den, and the list goes on.

How does Sit Happens help owners with dogs suffering from a Behavioural Problem?
When dealing with behavioural problems we follow our behavioural therapy protocol which includes: Prevention, Relaxation, Confidence Building, Re-direction and Training.

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