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Private Consultations & Behavioural Therapy

Behavioural Therapy

Sit Happens offers Behavioural Therapy for those special needs dogs who suffer from emotional charged issues such as dog aggression, separation anxiety, noises phobias, resource guarding, hyper- activity, over arousal and more.

Private Training

When dealing with behavioural problems Sit Happens follows a protocol which includes prevention, relaxation, confidence building, redirection and training.

Behavioural Therapy begins with a course of four one hour foundation sessions booked once a week for three weeks followed by a two week practice period and your fourth session. At this stage you may wish to join our Confidence Building Course or Calming Canines should they be deemed suitable.

Private Training Sessions with Sit Happens

Private Training Sessions

Sit Happens recognises some of our clients may not fit into our class time slots or they may prefer working solo.

For this reason we also offer puppy and basic training in a course of private one on one sessions.

Feel free to call the office for further information and available times.

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