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Erin Mathieson

Erin Mathieson

Certificate IV in Behavioural Dog Training completed through Delta 2003
Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia (APDT).
Member Pet Professional  Guild  Australia

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my teams profiles.

I have been in the pet industry since 2000 and began my journey as a vet nurse where I discovered puppy schools followed by my true passion, behavioural therapy and helping special needs dogs.   Knowing that I have helped even just one dog feel safer and more self-assured is the most rewarding experience and seeing their bond and trust in their owners strengthen is just pure magic.

My most recent passion is taking this behavioural training and applying it to different species. Check out our ‘Our Animal Team’ page and you will see my furry friends who also love to train. Jez my cat who comes, sits, spin and gives a paw, Mac my ex racehorse who in his hay day (pardon the pun) fetched a ball, gives me a kiss and more, then Cookie my thoroughbred who is a sensitive man and is working on confidence building and floating. Seeing Cookie’s faith in me and his increased confidence is just proof in the power of non-aversive training.



Sarah Ford                                          

Sarah Ford

Behavioural Therapist & Daycare Manager

Hi I'm Sarah and I can't wait to meet you and your beautiful tail-wager.

I started at Sit Happens as a Doggy Daycare attendant, progressing to Daycare manager it was only natural I found myself exploring and developing my skills in behavioural therapy and becoming a Sit Happens behavioural trainer.

I have created many beautiful and rewarding relationships with our clients and their dogs and seen many goals not only achieved but also exceeded. Through my ability to easily empathising and understanding the needs of others I get great pleasure from teaching, nurturing and seeing positive development and growth with everyone I get to work with, both human and dogs alike.

 To see the joy people get when they achieve a goal or when their life is more enjoyable because they have been taught skills that work and create a strong, trusting bond with their animals is why I joined this wonderful team at Sit Happens and why I'm excited for the future!

Kiera McKenzie

Kiera McKenzie

Daycare attendant & Qualified Vet Nurse

I'm a full time qualified vet nurse, who works in the daycare centre. Working with animals is more than a career for me; I have been working in the field since my early high school years and have a true passion for animals, especially dogs.

This passion makes spending my time in our daycare centre with your pets more fun than work! I love seeing how much of an impact I have on the social development of our furry friends, watching them grow in confidence, control their excitability and generally have fun in a very relaxed way.

Mitch Miller

Mitchell Miller

Trainer, Behavioural Therapist and Specialised Dog Walker

Hello! My name is Mitchell Miller, feel free to call me Mitch for short when you see me in person.

I joined the company after having gone through training with my furry companion Ozpin. We learnt so much through Sit Happens and their training techniques, and I saw Oz developing so well that decided I wanted to establish this a my career!

My background in management in one of Australia’s biggest retail chains has given me the people skills to turn my passion for dogs into a fulfilling career.

I strongly believe in the enrichment the bond between human and dog can bring to everyone involved. It is because of this bond and drive for understanding of dog behaviour that I love working with Sit Happens every day as I get to pass this knowledge onto owners, helping them develop the bond between themselves and their dogs.

Katie Rabbidge

Katie Rabbidge

Assistant Trainer & Daycare attendant

I originally came to Sit Happens with my 2 beautiful kelpie puppies, in fact we had our first training sessions before we even got our pups as we were so keen to start off on the right foot!

 I love my time in the daycare centre, expanding my skills and knowledge in dog body language and helping my four legged clients have a wonderful day! I am also assisting in classes, passing on all my knowledge to our clients and watching them learn and build an even stronger bond with their dogs. 

With experienced gained from having travelled the world, I pride myself on my excellent communication skills. I am social, approachable and able to relate to all kinds of people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

With a Real Estate background, I am now helping people achieve their dream of having a well behaved, carefree puppy!

Byron Anderson


Byron came from a traditional training background after taking in a “special needs” dog named Aria (American Staffy mix), who suffered severely from fear based reactivity. After this difficult experience Byron decided his approach to raising his next dog would be different.

Byron started with Sit Happens as a client with his current dog Sticks (the loveable black Labrador). After completing the Early Learning Program and the 8 week Basic Program Byron with Sticks Byron decided he wanted to turn his passion into a career and so joined the Sit Happens Team.

Byron loves all dogs big and small and his enthusiasm for helping owners connect and succeed with their dogs shines through, but he will always hold a special place in his heart for those “special needs” dogs and their owners.

Celeste Astudillo

Celeste Mabarrack

Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia (APDT).

I became a part on the Sit Happens team in 2010. With my "special needs" dog Willow, who suffers from generalized anxiety as inspiration.

Living with a dog who has extensive behavioural issues, I identify and empathise with the day to day struggles of dog owners, but can also, through life experience as well as on the job training and study, offer hope and practical ways to manage and train your four legged friends so they become an even more beloved family member.

Though challenging, Willow has taught me so much about the trials and successes of owning a special needs dog, she acts as my 'guinea pig' when faced with training challenges and as a result has a wide range of cues both verbal and visual. Willow has taught me the power of positive reinforcement and the bond it can create between pets and owners!

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