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Who are we?

Sit Happens offers an all-round behavioural service for your four legged family members.

As a company we offer; group and private training for dogs of all ages and breeds as well as behavioural therapy, doggy daycare and specialised overnight boarding.

Sit Happens training classes focus on helping dog owners create “The Whatever Dog” (a cool, calm, confident and happy dog in all areas of their lives). Using no aversive methods our classes aim at helping owners understand how to help prevent anxiety and aggressive behaviours developing, how to manage existing problem behaviours, as well as to teach your dog to be calm and attentive under life’s distractions along with responding to basic cues. We are skilled at teaching you, the owners, how to create strong and trusting bonds and make training fun and easy to do within your lifestyle.

Our daycare centre furthers these philosophies and aims at exposing your dogs to all aspects of life. We facilitate appropriate dog-dog interaction, help dogs learn to control their arousal levels (and vocalisation!), reinforce your manners training and provide a fun and enriching environment to help prevent boredom based behaviours and keep dogs stimulated.

Our overnight boarding is only offered to dogs who have a history of being happy and relaxed here at Sit Happens. This unique service is to ensure each dogs emotional wellbeing is guaranteed when owners are away. We want owners and dogs to feel like they are part of the Sit Happens family so we can create a home away from home.

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