Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare

Our daycare centre offers a calm and enriching environment in Mornington for your four legged family member to spend a safe, happy and stimulating day while you are at work or busy with your daily commitments.

In line with our training philosophies Sit Happens is focused on the emotional wellbeing of your beloved dogs and recognises how dogs feel about the world impacts their behaviour greatly.

Sit Happens established our doggy daycare centre in order to help our clients practice appropriate and safe socialisation, ensuring every individual dog practices what makes them feel good.

With a small number of dogs per day we consider ourselves more of a behavioural therapy centre which includes play, fun, games and mental stimulation too. We help teach dogs to be calm and relaxed in the presence of other dogs, how to interact with other dogs appropriately, how to ignore noises and not bark at animation and most importantly how to switch off and sit still when not directly involved in activities.

We encourage dogs to be involved in enriching activities such as fetch, paddling in the wading pool, tugging on the ‘home alone’ and using the agility equipment. Our toy box is always available with plenty of things to chew and things to destroy!

We encourage owners to bring their dog a rug, for settle time and their daily intake of food stuffed into Kongs. Stuffed Kongs will be used during calm and settle time to keep minds active and bodies rested.

Check in at Doggy Daycare is by appointment between 7am-9am and pick up by appointment between 4pm-6pm

For approved exsisting overnight clients only, please fill in and print off the Check in Form  ready to leave with us when you check in your dog for their stay.