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Puppy Training

Sit Happens offers a variety of different courses to suit each owner and dog’s needs. Below is the outline for all of the courses we offer, certain weeks of these can be undertaken separately depending on the dogs age. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Puppy TrainingWeeks 1-4 (Week 1 no dog class)

Early Learning Program

Using motivational techniques our trainers teach pet owners how to manage toilet training, vet visits, grooming, jumping (up and off cues), biting and mouthing (take and give cues).  A large component of these four weeks is learning about our puppy’s critical learning period . We focus on creating ‘feel good’ emotional associations that are long lasting and help prevent negative emotional behaviours down the track such as fear aggression and anxieties. We use this knowledge during dog-dog socialisation and also look at body language and appropriate and inappropriate play and how to handle the dog park using the basic cues come and sit.

Week 5 (Week 5 no dog class)
Owners only class focusing on learning theory and the technique reward marking which enables us to remove rewards, and train behaviours that are unable to be cued.

 Weeks 6-12

Combination Program (weeks 1-12)

Puppy TrainingThis component of the program focuses on teaching owners how to train their dogs to be calm and attentive around distractions (café style training) and respond to training cues: sit, look, come, drop, stand, stay, wait, walk nicely, go to your mat and keep your paws on the floor. Hand signals and fading the lure are also addressed. Throughout these class we also teach some basic tricks and introduce some pieces of mini agility equipment to keep it fun and stimulating for all.

Weeks 13-22

Development Program (weeks 1-22)

These sessions can be used on a casual basis and are only available for those who have completed minimum weeks 5-12. During these classes we teach you to help your dogs be calm and relaxed around a variety of different breeds, by learning to walk together and come when called reliably. We aim at proofing all behaviours learnt, completely fading the lure, generalising behaviours, and creating greater reliability under distractions. More complex behaviours are touch, such as standing still for grooming or vet visits, closing doors and putting toys away.

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