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Overnight Care

Please note that our overnight facility is only for current permanent Daycare clients only

Sit Happens provides a personalised premium overnight boarding care for a maximum of 17 dogs. We have indoor/outdoor facilities, heating and cooling. We do not have couches and televisions but rather provide things a dog considers more valuable…..things to sniff, chew, chase, pools to paddle in, tunnels to run through, bungee toys to swing from the rafters and much more!

Overnight BoardersBecause we run a doggy daycare centre all overnight dogs will become part of our daycare system and have lots of company and play sessions with us and other dogs, providing their owners wish for this to happen. At the end of the day all dogs will be settled securely indoors for the evening in their individual bedroom. We encourage our owners to bring their dogs bedding so each dog has a secure “homely” feeling and smell. We also require owners to bring their dogs meals, as each dog is fed differently at home and we do not wish to upset tummies by providing meals they are not accustomed.

Our aim is to make your dog’s stay as relaxed as possible and have your dog’s consider us their second home. This ensures each dog is as happy, calm and relaxed as possible during their stay, have the prior learning experience their owner will return and benefit fully from the socialisation opportunities.

Boarding Check in Form 

If you dog is booked in for boardingplease download, fill in and print off the Boarding Check in Form ready to leave with us when you check in your dog for their stay.

Boarding Check In and Check Out Times

As a small boarding facility that also provides other services such as training we have set check in and check out times which are as follows:

Monday - 5pm

Tuesday - 7-9am & 4-6pm

Wednesday - 7-9am & 4-6pm

Thursday - 7-9am & 4-6pm

Friday - 5pm

Saturday - N/A

Sunday - 5pm

2018/2019 Christmas Boarding

We are currently taking expressions of interest for Christmas and New Years boarding for the 2018/2019 holiday period, *these applications are now closed*

As Sit Happens is not your standard boarding kennel; we are a wellness center and therefore have different protocols and processes and pride ourselves on offering a boarding service backed by our behavioural and training knowledge, due to this we require dogs to go through an application process and are unfortunately not garunteed acceptance.

Our scheduled Christmas/New Years period drop off is Thursday 20th 2018 December between 7-9am or 4-6pm

and our scheduled Christmas/New Years period pick up is Thursday 3rd January 2019 at 7pm. If this pick up date does not suit you the next available will be when we resume standard business hours on Tuesday 8th January 2019.

Please contact us to discuss your holiday boarding needs further.

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