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Application for Boarding

Application for BoardingSit Happens is not your standard boarding kennel; we are a wellness centre and therefore have different protocols and processes and pride ourselves on offering a boarding service backed by our behavioural and training knowledge.

What does this mean for you?
To help ensure your dog has an enjoyable time while staying at Sit Happens we require them to spend some time with us before you leave for your holiday.

This ensures your dog is familiar with the location, the staff and develop a learning history that there owners will come back for them!

Standard application process:
Attendance to Doggy Daycare one day a week for two consecutive weeks

  • This enables us to develop some doggy friendships for your dogs, both human and canine. As well as creating the learning history that their owners do come back for them.
  • This also helps your dogs to settle in to the environment and start to see Sit Happens as a fun and relaxing place to be.

A Day at the property on either a Friday or a Saturday

  • As Friday and Saturday are our training days on the property this enables us to assess your dog’s ability to cope with the sounds of people and dogs coming and going throughout the day

An overnight trial on a Tuesday night

  • This overnight trial also enables owners to come and collect their dogs if they become stressed as boarding a stressed dog goes against our philosophy

Monthly doggy daycare attendance

All going well your dog will then be eligible to stay with us for extended periods of time. If your dog does struggle in any areas we are available to offer advice on how to prepare them for another trial or to book you in for a private session is deemed necessary.

We care about your dogs and their physical and emotional wellbeing, our application process is designed so that your dog enjoys their holidays at Sit Happens as much as you enjoy your time away!

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