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What is a Sit Happens Approved Puppy School?


A Sit Happens Approved Puppy School (SHAPS) is a puppy program whose information provided to the clients aligns with best practice, correct and current learning theory. The class reflects Sit Happens philosophy, however they are not the equivalent to a Sit Happens Early Learning Program.  

Sit Happens offers this service to give our clients appropriate alternative options for when our programs are fully booked.

SHAPS aim to create positive emotional associations and protect the puppies during their critical learning period and offer clients positive training methods for common puppy issues such as biting, toileting and jumping.  Basics cues such as sit and come are also introduced without forceful handling and aversive techniques or equipment.

Sit Happens and their Approved Puppy Schools do not condone the following:

-          Check chains, anti-bark or escape devices

-          Noise aversions (NO! AH AH! Throwing chains, squealing etc.)

-          Physical punishment (hitting, clamping muzzle closed, forcefully manipulating dogs into positions, Alpha rolling etc.)

-          Using crates as punishment

-          Allowing dogs to ‘sort it out themselves’

SHAPS instructors have spent time in a Sit Happens class observing and self-educating with the aim to create their own custom designed puppy program and manual for Sit Happens to aid in developing and approve. Each Approved Instructor should also have and be able to explain a base level of dog body language including being able to recognise basic signs of confliction/fear/stress and agree to give appropriate recommendations and encourage owners to seek advice from Sit Happens if deemed necessary.

Above all Sit Happens approved puppy schools and the instructors running them aim to do no harm through controlled socialisation and no off-lead play or interactions. SHAPS believe in having every puppy feeling safe and happy.

Organisations Running Sit Happens Approved Puppy Schools

FHVC             Laura Cowley

             Phone: (03) 5971 4888

                                           Address: 231 Frankston-Flinders Rd, Frankston, VIC, 3199


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